Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sausage easy peazy pop sticks

These sausage pops are easy to make and loved by kids  . I give them for their snack time in school .

Cooking time : 5 min 
Preparation time : 10 min or less. 


2 sausage pcs
1 bread crumb of seasoned bread
1 egg 
1 tbsp of corn flour with pinch of salt 
Water enough to make batter 
4 Sticks 
Oil to deep fry .

1. Cut sausage into half making 4 pcs . 
2. Insert sticks in sausage .
3. Make batter with corn flour , salt and      water . 
4. Dip one sausage stick in corn flour first . 
5. Dip it into egg . 
6. Roll it into bread crumbs . 
7. Deep fry in oil carefully keeping stick up . 
8. Let it be golden brown from all sides . 
9. Drain them into steel sieve. 
10. Serve them hot with garlic mayonise sauce.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Prawn coconut rice

My family loves prawns in any form . And this one is insanely tasty with basmati rice cooked in coconut milk and prawns . This one even taste better if kept in fridge for 5-6 hours and serve .

You will need to serve 2 adults 2 kids 
■ 1 ,1/4 cup basmati rice 
■ 15 large size prawns fresh deveined and detailed 
■ 1- 2 cup of pure coconut milk made with freshly grinded coconut . 
■ onions 1 larfinfinely chopped
■ Tomatos 2 large grinded 
■ 1 inch ginger finely chopped 
■ 1 tsp of black pepper 
■ 1tsp of red chilli powder 
■  salt to taste 
■ 3 tbsp of oil as coconut milk also leaves oil

1.Soak basmati rice for 1 hour .

2.In the mean time prepare coconut milk with 1/2 coconut . Grind coconut in grinder with water and strain milk in batches .

3.Take about 5 prawn and grind them with little coconut milk .

4.In hot oil 
First add finely chopped ginger fry them for a minute do not burn them   .

5.Then add onions and fry them until almost light brown .

6.Add tomato and let it leave oil . 
Add salt pepper red chilli powder . Followed by remaining prawns  Turn off heat keep it aside with closed lid .  Note : prawns if overcooked may get hard so cook them less than a minute at this step.

7.In a separate pot ,Cook rice with coconut milk , grinded prawns and salt till rice is almost done . 
Strain rice .

8.Now mix rice with fried prawns gently and close lid for another 10 minutes in low flame . This will make rice fully cooked with remaining uncooked prawns .

Now you  try it . 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Butterfly Prawns

We usually order butterfly prawns in our favourite chinese restaurant . And these deep fried prawns are my family's favourite starter .

I struggled many times to create same softness same taste until yesterday when  my family couldn't resist them . And thats the reason i was able to take picture if only two fried prawns in a hurry . 

They were soft from inside and crisp from outside and it had almost same taste as we usually enjoy in Chinese food joint . 
I am sure with this recipe you won't fail .

    To marinade 
. 12 large prawns deveined and raw.
.  2 tbsp soya sauce 
. Grinded ginger 
.  Lemon or vinegar (i used lemon) 
.  Black pepper freshly grounded
.   Salt if needed as soya sauce has salt .

  To fry 
. About 2 cups of bread crumbs 
. 1 large egg 
. 2 tbsp of white flour or corn flour .
  Oil to deep fry .


1. Wash prawns keeping tail intact . I      bought deveined large raw prawns.

2. Slit prawn from the center and open wide from both sides . Press it gently with both hands . Refer How to butterfly a prawn.

3. Marinade prawn gently with mentioned ingredients .

4. Keep it for 1 hour shrink wrapped in fridge .

5. When its time to fry , keep white flour, bread crucrumb and an  egg in bowl .

6. Take one piece coat with white flour 
    Then dip in egg 
    Then coat it with bread crumbs . 

7. Fry in high heat for 1 minute on both  sides untill it gets golden brown .

Serve with spicy red pepper side dish or garlic mayonise sauce . 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Corn flakes twist

Another healthy school snack for short break . My Kids love corn flakes with milk any time , but sometimes when we are on move i prefer to give them dry version of corn flakes . Mostly either sugar frosted or chocos or salty corn flakes .These corn flakes are so tasty even adults can enjoy at tea time .

About 1 pack of corn flakes normal ones
2-3  large onions thin sliced
3-4 green chillies or fresh red chillies if available 
About 100 gm of roasted peanuts 
Cumin seeds (optional) 
Poppy seeds (optipnal) 
About 4 tbsp of oil 
Salt to taste

1. Take large pan , and heat oil .

2. Fry onions and chillies in batches to make them crisp light brown or slightly dark brown . Keep them separate or with last batch fry cumin seeds and poppy seeds with peanuts . You must put salt enough for onions you are frying in batches . 

3. Turn off heat .

4. In separate large pan dry roast corn flakes for a while untill they get slightly light brown .

5. Let everything get cool .

6. Now mix everything .

7. And you are  good to go . You can keep these corn flakes for a month or so in air tight container and use them .

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Egg roll


2 eggs 
Onion (1/2 small)
Cabbage finely chopped (1 leaf)
Carrot (grated) 1 small 
Lettuce 2 leaves
Salt ( to taste )
Black pepper 
2 tsp of mayonise 
1 pitta bread or Indian bread ( ready made )


1. Mix all veggies with salt pepper and mayononise, keep aside .

2. Take two eggs whisk them with little salt and pepper  and fry them in a flat pan to make flat omelette . Cook for a minute on each  side. 

3. Warm pita bread or indian bread with butter  

4. Place bread first , then omelette .

5. Now put all veggies on the side from where you would fold .

6. Press veggies inside and fold bread with egg , press each time you fold so that veggies doesn't come out .

7. Hold with toothpick in the middle .

8. Serve hot .

NOTE:  make omelette in the end so that roll can be served hot . 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Cheese sandwich

This cheese sandwich is super easy , simple and it can still win so many hearts .
I made it in breakfast on valentines day morning for my lovely family .

Fresh Slice sandwich bread 
Salted butter 
Mozrella cheese pack sliced 
A heart shaped cookie cutter 
And thats all

1.Take two slices of bread toast them with butter in low flame till it gets just crisp .

2.While hot, take mozrella cheese slice and place it in between two slices of breads .

3. Press them gently , you will see cheese is melting .

4. Cut them from middle with cookie cutter of you choice .

5. Just ready to eat :-) 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Restaurant style coconut chutney


1 cup coconut grated
2 tbsp of roasted chana daal 
2 dried red whole chillies
1/2 inch pc of ginger 
Few curry leaves 
Mustard seeds 
1 tsp Oil for tampering mustard seeds
1 tsp oil for frying curry leaves

1 . Put curry leaves in hot oil . 
2.  Grind fine coconut, fried curry leaves , chana dal, whole red chillies, ginger with salt to taste and  little water to soften . 
3. Tamper mustard seeds and pour in the chutney . 
4. Ready to eat