Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cucumber and feta cheese salad for summers

Serve about 2 

Spinach 250 grams 
2 Tbsp of olive oil 
1/4 onion medium size 
2 Tbsp Feta cheese 
1 sweet cucumber cut diced 
2 deseeded tomato cut diced  medium size
1/4 yellow and green bell pepper diced 
Shreaded chicken 
1 whole juicy lemon 
Freshly grounded pepper 

Take about 250 grams of spinach . Boil water and add spinach in boiling water boil it for 30 sec . Drain and put it in ice water for 2 minute .  Drain and its ready to use.

1 Tbsp of olive oil make it very hot in pan . 

Fry about 1/4 onion cut thin and long untill they get light brown. 

Put 1Tbsp of Feta cheese and fry untill it melts . 

Add spinach and mix it . 
it tastes yum . If you like you could use black pepper. 

In a separate bowl take feta cheese scrumbled ,cucumber , tomato , parsley , yellow bell pepper green bell pepper, shredded chicken pieces ,Squeez one lemon , pepper and salt  and olive oil . 

Mix spinach ,above mix and top with bread crumbs of 1 or 2 slice roasted buttered breads .

I usually make sure that i add minimal quantity of each carbohydrate(bread)  protein(chicken)and fibers in one plate to make the meal complete. 

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  1. This is me right there...i love me some greens anytime. I will try this for sure.