Friday, February 26, 2016

Butterfly Prawns

We usually order butterfly prawns in our favourite chinese restaurant . And these deep fried prawns are my family's favourite starter .

I struggled many times to create same softness same taste until yesterday when  my family couldn't resist them . And thats the reason i was able to take picture if only two fried prawns in a hurry . 

They were soft from inside and crisp from outside and it had almost same taste as we usually enjoy in Chinese food joint . 
I am sure with this recipe you won't fail .

    To marinade 
. 12 large prawns deveined and raw.
.  2 tbsp soya sauce 
. Grinded ginger 
.  Lemon or vinegar (i used lemon) 
.  Black pepper freshly grounded
.   Salt if needed as soya sauce has salt .

  To fry 
. About 2 cups of bread crumbs 
. 1 large egg 
. 2 tbsp of white flour or corn flour .
  Oil to deep fry .


1. Wash prawns keeping tail intact . I      bought deveined large raw prawns.

2. Slit prawn from the center and open wide from both sides . Press it gently with both hands . Refer How to butterfly a prawn.

3. Marinade prawn gently with mentioned ingredients .

4. Keep it for 1 hour shrink wrapped in fridge .

5. When its time to fry , keep white flour, bread crucrumb and an  egg in bowl .

6. Take one piece coat with white flour 
    Then dip in egg 
    Then coat it with bread crumbs . 

7. Fry in high heat for 1 minute on both  sides untill it gets golden brown .

Serve with spicy red pepper side dish or garlic mayonise sauce . 


  1. Oh wow this is a most try..i usually have prawns at home..i never thought of trying the deep fry type. I do love having some of those anytime i find myself in chinese restaurants. I remember the ones i ate at a chinese joint in mumbai called mainland china. OMG! It was to die for. And yours right here looks really yummy. Tnx forsharing recepe.i will def try it.

  2. Thanks ! You can even use local ingredients like garlic ginger paste and red pepped to marinade . It would still taste yummy .

  3. Looks so yummy and awesome