Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sausage easy peazy pop sticks

These sausage pops are easy to make and loved by kids  . I give them for their snack time in school .

Cooking time : 5 min 
Preparation time : 10 min or less. 


2 sausage pcs
1 bread crumb of seasoned bread
1 egg 
1 tbsp of corn flour with pinch of salt 
Water enough to make batter 
4 Sticks 
Oil to deep fry .

1. Cut sausage into half making 4 pcs . 
2. Insert sticks in sausage .
3. Make batter with corn flour , salt and      water . 
4. Dip one sausage stick in corn flour first . 
5. Dip it into egg . 
6. Roll it into bread crumbs . 
7. Deep fry in oil carefully keeping stick up . 
8. Let it be golden brown from all sides . 
9. Drain them into steel sieve. 
10. Serve them hot with garlic mayonise sauce.


  1. Oh wow..kids will def love this. I am going to make this for imran's birthday coming soon. Tnx ninisha for this wonderful recipe for kids. Yum yum!

  2. You are welcome always . I will upload home made cookies too soon .