Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Broiled Chicken in BBQ sauce

Ingredients (serves 2 adults and 2 kids for dinner or lunch)

Cooking time 30 minutes

1 whole small chicken with skin
2 full tsp of salt
1 tsp of freshly grounded black pepper.
2 tsp of dried thyme
1 lemon juice
1 Tbsp of ginger garlic paste ( 60% garlic 40% ginger)
3 Tbsp of BBQ sauce ( i use Heinz BBQ sauce)
2 tbsp of olive oil
lemon zests for garnishing

1.Marinade chicken for 2 hours using all above ingredients except oil .

2.Broil chicken for 20 minutes in pre heated oven at 180 degrees with olive oil .
or alternatively
3.apply olive oil on chicken and place your whole chicken in baking tray and place tray in an empty pot , close the lid.

4.Initially give very high heat for 10 minutes .

5. Transfer your pot in medium high and cook for another 20 minutes .

and your chicken will be ready to eat .  what i liked about this way of cooking is, chicken has so many flavours from inside,and texture is so soft and tender , even breast turns out to be very tender. you will love smoky flavour mixed with herb and mild flavour of garlic, fresh pepper lemon. it will just melt in your mouth . you must try this receipe .

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