Friday, August 22, 2014

Shrimp sandwich

If you and your family likes seafood then what else can be more healthy nutritious and easy to make meal to start a day than shrimp sandwich.
Its also good for kid's lunch box .

Serves 2 sandwiches
200 grams fresh shrimps washed and deveined. i am using medium size shrimps.
4 slices of wheat bread
Lettuce leaf
Slices of 1 onion
Slices of 1 tomato
2 slices of chedder cheese
Butter 4 Tbsp

And freshly grounded black pepper

Add 1 Tbsp of butter in pan and place shrimp , add salt and black pepper . Cook just for a minute and then off gas and close the lid . Shrimps does not take time to cook . If you cook for long period they would get hard and rubber like in texture .

Apply butter on each bread and warm slightly . Place handful of shrimps on the bread( butter side)
Place chedder cheese slice on top of follwed by lettuce , onion and tomato slices . Top up with second slice and dab with your hands . Or you can grill in your oven to do the same for 1/2 minute.   cut and serve  . If you like your shrimps to be binded in sandwitch then try my "shrimp patties" recipe and make delicious sandwich which are easy healthy , tasty and loved by kids.

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